Illustration made for national train operator PKP Intercity
to celebrate 100 years of Polish independence. The whole 19-meters illustration is made in colors
of the Polish flag: white and red

The main idea was to present on the locomotive the whole country:
Baltic sea, Tatry, the Warsaw Mermaid and skyscrapers, Białowieża Forest with a grinning lynx, 
Krakow's dragon helping with barbecue and above all, celebrating Poles: young, old, white, black, sporty and relaxing.The illustration is kept in white and red colours, so when a train moves fast it looks like a Polish flag.
The artwork is 19 meters long and it can be spotted on locomotives travelling across the country.
Production: Agencja Warszawa
Art Director: Paulina Bobrycz-Rogala
Photos: Danuta Matłoch
Baltic sea
Białowieża Forest and Warsaw with it's famous Mermaid
Krakow with it's famous dragon and the Tatra Mountains
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